estate for sale


This website is dedicated to selling the largest collection of LEGO-items in private possession. The collection contains items from the entire LEGO era dating back to 1932 and across the entire spectrum of products originating from the LEGO company. From wood toys from the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen and the smallest 1:87 scale town plan cyclist to a life size glued Lucky Luke carriage and a built model world.


We are proud to announce that the largest part of the collection has found a new destination at the Museum of the 20th century in Hoorn


The very old and rare items are still in our possession and will be up for sale in the future.


Before viewing the catalog, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • When you see several items on a photo, the lot contains everything on the shelf or in the cabinet where the number is located.
  • Most of all; this catalog is intended to provide insight into what the collection contains. No rights can be derived from the information on this website.

The catalog is a work in progress. We are striving to get all the pictures online as fast as possible. Even if the description isn’t right yet.  Until we have found a destination for this unique collection we will continue to improve the information on this site.